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Credit and Thanks

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is the culmination of years of hard work by talented programmers and modders to fix and enhance the PC version Silent Hill 2. The dedication and passion by these talented individuals cannot be understated. Thanks to their time, commitment, and talents, we now have a version of this beloved game worthy of calling a true HD experience. From major bug fixes to finer, nuanced adjustments, the attention to detail in improving Silent Hill 2 PC is worthy of praise.

Please take a moment here to learn how these amazing programmers and modders have helped make your experience with Silent Hill 2 PC better. Please also consider sending these individuals a message of support or donating for their countless hours of coding and playtesting. Their names, contributions, and contact methods are listed below. Thank you.

Xinput Plus: Creator

Using newer controllers on older PC games can be a challenge due to compatibility issues. But thanks to 0dd14's Xinput Plus it doesn't need to be.

0dd14's software converts the inputs of an XInput controller to DirectInput, which is what Silent Hill 2 PC uses. This software allows for the use of a controller's D-pad and triggers to be used in-game.

SH2 Widescreen Fix: Co-creator

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

With a background in modding and x86 assembly language programming, Aero_'s contributions for Silent Hill 2 PC are the cornerstone for the majority of fixes implemented today. Whether he finds a solution on his own or has another modder help him locate what memory address to edit, Aero_ will write a solution in x86 assembly language for the game to understand then pass that information along to a C++ programmer for mod implementation.

Over the years, Aero_'s contributions to improve Silent Hill 2 PC are vast and many. Chances are, if the game has been improved in some way, Aero_ had a hand in it. As a co-creator for the SH2 Widescreen Fix, some of Aero_'s many contributions to the game include fixing the flashlight bug; allowing multiple game actions to be assigned to the same controller input; fast camera speed; cutscene FOV fixes; an adjustable noise grain filter; disabling of cutscene borders; full screen image improvements; and more.

Aero_'s contributions extend to the SH2 Enhancements mod by helping to write the x86 assembly language fixes for the Cemetery game load visual bug; create a PS2-like noise grain filter; solve the rowboat animation bug; fix the level values for the Catacomb's meat cold rooms; and more.

Andrew "Bigmanjapan" Bondarenko

SH2 Widescreen Fix: Contributor

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

Andrew "Bigmanjapan" Bondarenko's modding presence for Silent Hill 2 is well documented. His years of mod experimentations for the game have proved invaluable to further enhance Silent Hill 2 PC through his extensive knowledge of the game's memory addresses and the corresponding effects when their values are edited. If memory addresses can't be found, Bigmanjapan probably knows exactly where to look.

Bigmanjapan's contributions to further enhance the game are plentiful. For the SH2 Widescreen Fix he adjusted camera (.cam) files to fix camera stutterings; adjusted camera angles so they don't clip through walls when the SH2 Widescreen Fix is in use; and more.

Further contributions from Bigmanjapan stem to the SH2 Enhancements mod where he has helped playtest and find address values to fix the Cemetery game load visual bug; increase the front draw distance to hide parts of the game loading in; find the fix for the rowboat animation bug; and helped adjust the Catacomb's meat cold room colors/levels to resemble the PlayStation 2 version; to name a few.

angular graphics

FMV Enhancement Pack: Creator

The intricate knowledge and understanding of video compression and codecs has allowed angular graphics to create PlayStation 2 quality FMVs for Silent Hill 2 PC; a feature that has been requested by many for years.

Using avisynth plugins, angular graphics was able to deinterlace the best versions of the game's FMVs then upscale them to a resolution of 1280x to the best possible quality. Most of them have been touched up with mild de-haloing, noise reduction, antialiasing and sharpening filters before the upscaling process, mostly so that any unwanted artifacts don't get enhanced as well.

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

As a hobbyist C/C++ programmer, Belek666's main interest was in the PlayStation 2 homebrew scene, creating and porting various applications to the console. Throughout his years of tinkering and modding game applications, Belek666 was able to dive deep into the inner workings of Silent Hill 2 PC to provide us the possibility of having high resolution fonts in-game.

The original Silent Hill on PlayStation was his first survival horror game experience and, while it was a truly scary experience for him, his time playing the game was full of enjoyment which piqued his interest in playing more of the series. Belek666 is also interested in modding all sorts of others games and is involved with the Polish fan translation of Silent Hill 2.

ReShade: Creator

D3D8to9: Creator

crosire's enhancement packages are universally known and revered for their usefulness across countless PC games. For Silent Hill 2 PC, D3D8to9 bumps the game up from DirectX 8 to DirectX 9, allowing the ability for more fixes to be implemented into the game.

ReShade, perhaps the project crosire is best known for, is an advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software. ReShade exposes an automated and generic way to access both frame color and depth information and provides all the tools to make it happen quickly and intuitively. For Silent Hill 2 PC, ReShade can give the game visual improvements such as color corrections, level adjustments, built-in anti-aliasing, and much more.

Elisha Riedlinger

SH2 Enhancements: Creator

Audio Enhancement Pack: Creator

D3D8to9: Co-creator

Elisha's extensive programming skills and knowledge of audio processing plays a pivotal role in fixing further prominent issues for Silent Hill 2 PC.

The SH2 Enhancements mod, created by Elisha, contains unique game fixes while also housing other fix packages made by an assortment of programmers and modders for a broad, encompassing packaged solution. Some of Elisha's contributions include C++ implementation of the Cemetery game load fix; PS2-styled noise filter; the rowboat animation fix; and the Catacomb's meat cold room levels/colors fix; to name a few.

Elisha's mod implements fixes made by himself and the contributed fixes by others through C++ programming. His technical savvy and proficiency in clean, optimal coding provides a mod that not only runs well, but is cross-capatible with the various releases of Silent Hill 2 PC. Other packages included inside the SH2 Enhancements mod are the SH2 Widescreen Fix and Fog Fix.

Thanks to Elisha's know-how, custom game files are able to be stored and used by the game in a unique folder, thus preventing a user from having to place/overwrite files in the game's core directories. And thanks to Elisha's SH2 Enhancements mod the game is able to play custom, altered audio files without crashing. With this potential now unlocked, the Audio Enhancement Pack, also led by Elisha, brings the game's audio quality to that of the PlayStation 2's version, which is considered the best. Elisha also took on the monumental task of editing all BGM tracks by hand to either completely remove or significantly reduce their audio loop seams when heard in-game.

Elisha's continued contributions to ReShade's D3D8to9 Converter have also addressed and fixed other issues for the game such as pixel shader lighting bugs and the FMVs being the wrong color/tinted.

sh2proxy: Creator

One of the earliest Silent Hill 2 PC mods made to improve the game, the sh2proxy mod arguably kicked everything off for the continuation of improvements to the game you see today.

While sh2proxy is no longer in development, it's creator, emoose, deserves special recongintion for their work. sh2proxy fixed key components for the game such as disabling safe mode; forcing the game to run on a single core; creating a local.fix file; and enabling fast transitions.

However, emoose's time dedicated to the now-discontinued sh2proxy did not go in vain as their hard work has been integrated into the SH2 Widescreen Fix for fans to continue to use and benefit from to this day.


SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

A modder who takes enjoyment out of writing his own scripts/tools to reverse engineer game files and formats, FrozenFish24 fixed the bad vertex normals contained within several rooms of Silent Hill 2 PC. FrozenFish24 was also able to modify meshes for certain areas/rooms to hide bad geometry, add missing geometry, and, thanks to his new interest in modding graphics APIs, he was able to fix the issue of wall chunks disappearing and restore the flashlight lens glow for Nvidia GPU users.

John-Paul Ownby

IndirectSound: Creator

John-Paul's dedication to restoring proper positional audio for older games is commendable and essential in restoring Silent Hill 2 PC's auditory prowess.

His creation, IndirectSound, emulates audio hardware acceleration on modern Windows operating systems. This enables Silent Hill 2 to have 3D positional audio (i.e. surround sound played out of rear and side speakers) like it was intended when the game was originally released.

Additionally, IndirectSound has the extremely useful feature of adding fade outs to audio files that end prematurely. This useful tool eliminates the otherwise annoying "clicking" and "popping" you'd hear in-game in this feature was disabled.


Fog Fix: Creator

Perhaps the most immediate downgrade players notice in Silent Hill 2 PC is the lackluster fog effect the game uses. But thanks to Nemesis2000's Fog Fix the effects of the fog are greatly enhanced and can respectably be compared to the PlayStation 2's version, which are considered the best.

Nemesis2000's care into this mod is further shown by the immense amount of customization you can do to alter the fog effect to your liking.

sh2ex: Creator

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Audio Enhancement Pack: Co-creator

A connoisseur in all things audio, Nisto's background with audio/music theory, and his skills with audio extraction/editing, can not be ignored.

Nisto is the creator of sh2ex: Software which extracts file system and sound data from Silent Hill 2 PS2. His extraction software was the catalyst that allowed for the possibility of implementing PS2-quality sound files in the PC version of the game. This possibility became a reality via the Audio Enhancement Pack spearheaded by Elisha.

Nisto was then able to write a script to extract the PS2 game's audio files with their reverb intact for the truly authentic-sounding experience you hear in-game.


Audio Enhancement Pack: Contributor

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

Ratiocinator's love for Silent Hill 2 led him to adjusting audio files as needed during the development of the Audio Enhancement Pack; helping to make the PS2-styled noise filter; fixing grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure errors for the game's English text; and adjusting the colors/levels for the Catacomb's meat cold rooms.

While he does not have a background in programming/modding, he searches for bugs/issues in Silent Hill 2 PC and playtests for the modders to help polish their work.

As the creator of this Installation Guide you're reading, Ratiocinator would like to express his gratitude once again to each and everyone mentioned here. The programmers and modders on this list are all rock stars and heroes in his eyes. Their work is invaluable and appreciated by so many.

SH2 Enhancements: Contributor

Game programmer by day, modder at night. Silent started his programming career by creating scripts for the Grand Theft Auto games. This was not enough, however, and over time he gradually expanded his skill set to x86 assembly and C++. At some point, Silent became increasingly annoyed with bugs found in GTA games, which ultimately led to the release of unofficial mega patches for the games, known as "SilentPatch."

Vast reverse engineering and programming knowledge gained from these experiences did not go overlooked, and nowadays Silent works on games professionally, hoping to make a difference in their overall quality. Despite that, he still devotes time to fix other games unofficially, since nothing brings him more joy than fixing issues which prevent people from enjoying older classics fully. For Silent Hill 2 PC, Silent diagnosed the issue preventing controllers from rumbling and created a fix for players to experience vibration in the game once more. He also created a fix to allow the D-pad on DirectInput-based controllers to act as an additional movement pad to control James and to navigate menu selections.

Enhanced Edition Essential Files: Contributor

Stan's research interests are designing and developing hierarchical ultra low power embedded systems. Throughout his research, he's been heavily involved in writing embedded and system software. Stan has also worked with high performance computing, Geospatial Information Systems, Android application/system development, computer vision and FPGAs, and is currently working as an industrial IoT platform engineer.

Stan has been a PC gamer since he was young, and has always been fascinated by modding, cheating, and reverse engineering. One of his fondest memories of gaming is using a Fallout save game editor to buff his character. Once Stan had gained enough knowledge, he started creating his own tools to mod various games as a side hobby. It is thanks to his tools and overall knowledge with reverse engineering that helped to fix broken vertex normals for certain rooms within Silent Hill 2 PC.

ThirteenAG's C++ programming skills are the foundation in which the SH2 Widescreen Fix lays on. While emoose's work on sh2proxy are the origins to Silent Hill 2 PC's improvements it was ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fix package that helped bring improvements for the game into the spotlight. His creation and work for the SH2 Widescreen Fix helped open the floodgates for the influx of additional mods you see today.

His contributions to Silent Hill 2 PC include the C++ programming implementation of all x86 assembly language fixes used within the SH2 Widescreen Fix; helping create the FMV widescreen compatibility mod; higher resolution support for the game; and much more.

ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader (UAL) is a crucial component in making all the fixes for this game work. The UAL allows for additional .dll mods to be saved, loaded, and run as .asi scripts alongside the Widescreen Fix upon launch. Thanks to UAL, enhancement packages made by other modders are able to work in tandem with the each other.